Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Would you like to go digging through the vaults of BATTLEHOOCH material with me?"

Blog time.

Time to blog the Battleblog.

Log + B

OH MAN are the tracks i'm posting silly.

One is the infamous original demo of our song "Ringtone". It's INFAMOUS because it is performed (and SUNG, ladies and gentlemen) by the tremendous Ben Juodvalkishlikisusoudjukis.... Battlehooch's KeyboardER.

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (sound of motor scotor motor, idle)

he sings like a bloody (english bloody, yo) bird! see?!?!... Ringtone DEMO March 2009 by AJ McKinley

the other thing, song... songthing... DEMO... is a song called "chimps", which before too long was taken up to Churr, chopped up, put back together, and given a new heart and was then redubbed "Somersaults" (see prior blog post for "acoustic" version of said newer version of said song.)... but here it is in it's original glory... sorta... its not to glorious to be butchered and put back together (song running through head right now: "sewn back together wrong" by dethklok)

...SNAP. we're here. this is what we're talking about. a song called CHIMPS...... listen? (fake ending?) All vocals/instruments by yours truly, Archaeology Johnson...

Chimps (Somersaults Demo Nov. 2008) by AJ McKinley

ALSO, in other exciting news.... we went into the studio and recorded 8 brand new battlehooch songs in 2 days. we'll be posting some of that in the coming weeks, just need to mix the suckers....

and the making of piecechow documentary is about 98 percent finished, should be coming out soon, just need to holla at EGGZ GRAINEY about helping me fix some crud.

EGO YO. (is he talking like a rapper?) -

a bullet whistling across the desert at night time... or something like that. (climax?)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trio of videos from our live acoustic set on KXLU 9/11/09

Currently writing to you (who?) from MAX MARDER's pad in Echo Park. Currently in the midst of an LA mini-tour... played a couple shows yesterday... one at the Echo Curio (with our soul brothers, 60 Watt Kid) and a show at the Loyola Marymount Radio Station, KXLU. Twas an acoustic set, a bit of a hectic set up but when all was said and done it turned out pretty well....

but don't take my word for it, here's a couple snippets of our set... with swell multi camera angles (dig the sepia tone shots!)

also in the coming weeks i'll be posting a mini-documentary about the making of our album "piecechow".... keep checking back....




Tuesday, September 1, 2009



We've been getting into all kinds of groovy stuff recently boys and girls....

The following things have been making various members of BATTLEHOOCH very stoked recently.... (in no specific order)

  1. Timbaland Beats (specifically his work for Aaliyah and Clipse)
  2. Declare Independence (Bjork music video, dir: Michel Gondry)
  3. St. Vincent
  4. The work of music video director Patrick Daughters (DIG HIM. He's THE MAN)
  5. Rare Funk 45s
  6. Hall and Oates
we've also been spending tons of time fine tuning the new batch of songs for when we go into the studio after our LA mini tour. New songs are sounding SWEEEET. Got SO many others on deck too... there will be no shortage of new battlehooch material for at least another year or so.... (did he really say that?)

ANYWAYZ!!!!!! onto the new blog post.... The INFAMOUS(?) Bluegrass Version of "Deep Knee Bends". You might remember "Deep Knee Bends" from our 2007 EP "OOF OWF" (Remember OOF OWF? Remember my '88 White Toyota Corolla??!?!? (Big ups to Aptos, California!) ...and the dayz go by... diggin' the parenthesis within parenthesis)

Deep Knee Bends BLUE GRASS by Battlehooch

The Lineup for this recording was:

Archaeology Johnson - banjo/mandolin
Dr. Spankk - vocals/acoustic guitar
Grantaloonz - bass
BDB - drums
Tombo - sax
Hubaloinz - Family Reunion

We recorded this version when we were trying to get onto the lineup for SF's very own "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" festival. Still waiting to hear from them, but we'll probably just storm the front gates like we did last year... (PROOF --->

ENJOY, CHICKENS! Come over and Jam!

(does anyone read this? hahahahahahahahahahahaha)