Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hyoobs log 2

1/26 Notes from the front seat, highway 101:
Aqueducts. Terra-form'd patches of spring green amongst the brown. Morrey patterns in chain-link bridge overpasses. 'Strippers wanted' sign on the warehouse sidewall. WWII biplanes coasting over antique farm equipment. Discarded roses in a drainage ditch. Icy castle complex perches on distant mammary mountains. Bovines speckle rolling spring stubble like pepper in the hills. 'Mr. Lubrication' sign next to 'your pet's best friend.' Golfball water silo lurking over a sleeping graveyard barn town. Single-tooth'd guppy man snatches listlessly at our gift of fruit. Candy apple cornrow girl swigging her redbull outside an overpriced Chevron, yappin on the old cell phone. Scarecrows litter empty vineyards like ghosts with noone to haunt. Grant is the Catfish for today. Silly string strait to the facial. Stopped to play outdoors in downtown San Louis Obispo. While I'm taking a whizz in the creek, a minnie mouse diary whirls right toward me. Nothing too spicy inside, just some contact info. An off duty police officer loves our set; hooks us up with some flow cause we played a Zappa song for him.

Biko Garage, Isla Vista:
Oil platforms look like lite bright clowns in the dark rainstorm. Dancing in the rain. Drunk party girls with limp wrists want to know my name. Silly string comes in handy during the set. Gypsy prog and sea chanty folk from the other bands. Confederate country rock band from the bayou playing at the Isla Vista pizza shop. Contact dancer girl gets buck wild in the music room; pegged with Dissociative Personality Disorder, I think she's just got energy to burn. Gnarley tribal percussion jam late into the night with AJ tossing cymbals onto concrete for the finale.

1/27 Experimental Cafe, Occidental:
Played an experimental set at the cafe with antique mechanique games of skill. Getting down with the contact mic/ microcube set-up. Great to see Amelia and friends. It's been awhile. Vato neighborhood. Cactus-covered hillsides. Dilapidated motels w/ exposed woodgrain. Morose lawn ornaments: Rats on skulls, gargoyles. Chilling tought with Tiff and Chris. Rocking out punk rawk stylee with Chris' electronic drumset. Dancing with Rambo the pooch.Acres of pristine gas guzzlers await their graves. Empty bank offices piss into the night sky. Chevron and MickyDees in cahoots: Rulers of the highway plutocracy. Franchise after franchise strip mall culture. Stormy island looks typhoon windswept with brown murky water; can't see the sun.

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