Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chickenman Presents: Battlepooch (plus full KXLU Acoustic Set)

Now. We have cable.

Utterly hypnotized by the "gnarliest car crashes" show.

(a room full of people yelling "oh shit!!!" while one firetruck crashes into another one)

like ...
not complaining really though, good times... ("all i could think was, i hope Ricardo is okay)

ANYWHO. here's some STUFF:

As promised, we stormed San Francisco's own Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival for the second year in a row. There were many highlights (Chickenman! New Friends! Blonde Afros! Backup Tambourines! Playing at night in the trees!) but the true highlight was when... OH HELL! you'll just have to see for yourself!
(watch this video, the event in question happens approx. half way through or something.)

HOW ABOUT THAT!!!! I'll tell you one thing, it's given our whole band pause. Our music didn't get nearly as much applause or response... back to the drawing board? (they just killed my ballet!!!...... oh no wait, there it is!)

Also, if you're interested, our acoustic set from KXLU (which we posted some highlights from a few weeks back...) is available in full at the following website.

The Documentary is done! But apparently theres this thing called color correction.... apparently eggz says i can trim down like 4 mintues off..... IS SHE CRAY CRAY?!?

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e said...

That is an awesome performance! I think your band really could use a trained animal. Maybe a dolphin