Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Battleblog M.I.A.


the following....

We're busy as (expletive) these days, due to (insert excuse). So due to (prior noted excuse) the boys and I (Battlehooch) have fallen behind on (stuff that isn't music, that has to do with our musical existence, i.e. THE BLOG). so we're aiming to have our (prior expletive) together by the end of this (unit of measuring long distances of time) and ready for (a mythical creature that is so into battlehooch and actually likes what we do, that they sought out battlehooch's obscure and poorly maintained blog and (semi) frequently check it.)


Anywho, believe it or not, we're working on tons of new stuff... compiling old tour and concert footage, mixing a new album, doing tons recording experiments, learning brand new songs, traveling thai land (no joke), and plotting general revampage.

(does anyone want to take pictures of us? or shoot a music video with us? or anything cool like that?)

If you read this blog, you are AMAZING and i have no idea how you stumbled upon it.

I'm REALLY happy you found it. I hope you like it. (honestly, yo)

I still intend to keep up on it (thebattleblog), just need to get a bunch more material ready to be posted and then it'll be pumping out rare battlehooch gems (GROSS) like nobodies buisness.

don't want to publish anything SUBPAR (irony?)


Archaeology Johnson

P.S. - I want to live my life like how Greg Saunier plays drums.

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