Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Taste

In case ya'll don't know, there is a new BATTLEHOOCH LP coming out in April 2010.

The (currently untitled) affair was recorded at Studio Paradiso in our fair city of San Francisco with the help of our good friend and contemporary psych rock boy wonder, Jason Kick (of Maus Haus, The Lovely Public and Social Studies fame). The album was recorded entirely over two days, and every song was tracked "live" (we did a couple tiny overdubs and rerecorded some vocals) with all the band members in "the same room" (some of us were separated by soundproof glass). Compared to our previous albums "Oof Owf" and "Piecechow", which each took months and months to record and each had literally hundreds and hundreds of tracks, this album was a walk in the park.

As of today, the tracks have all been thoroughly mixed, adjusted and mastered. In terms of the physical recordings, the album is done but there's still a couple more loose ends to tie up.

Just yesterday, the 6 members of BATTLEHOOCH put on some swanky threads and headed out to the Albany Blub in the East Bay to take some photographs that we plan on using for the cover art of the album. Once we get a album cover picture and an album title picked out, then we can send it all off to the presses and before you know it, you all will have a dandy new piece of BATTLEHOOCH music to listen to. ALSO!!!!! This album is especially exciting because it will be the first album we're releasing on vinyl.

Here is a taste of said album, the first single, "Somersaults" (Here's a link). Within the next month or so there should be a music video for this song, directed by the lovely Easton Grainer.

(Current projects being worked on:
  • A special love themed Battlehooch Valentines Day Mix
  • Trying to get 3 more brand new songs learned before we head off to SXSW. If we succeed then, we'll have 8 brand new songs in our repertoire (that's not counting the songs on the new album). Album #4 ain't too far off ya'll and album #3 hasn't even come out yet!
  • Making a music video of the "tour song". (What's the tour song?)
  • Compiling a little video of us recording the new album (we've got some cool studio footage. or maybe it ain't cool. maybe. maybe. MAY-BAY!)
  • Trying to book a tour in Germany
  • Street Performing 2010 campaign.
Extra bonus!!!! Here's a (slightly blown out, but still cool) live video of "Only Baby Sharks" from our recent show at Bottom of the Hill with Judgement Day.

Back to work.

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