Friday, January 25, 2008

Cold and creamy, slightly dreamy

Greetings from the road

First off, thank all of you profusely for coming to the retox lounge, or for supporting us in general - you give me the hunger. Also thank you so much to hey three eyes and little teeth for playing at the Retox lounge. It was our first show at the retox, and I for one really liked the experience. After the first sound guy "set" for hey three eyes, he left, and said it was gonna sound great. After further inspection, I noticed he had failed to turn on one of the PA speakers, which meant everything needed further workings. Some adjustments were made, and hey three eyes sounded great.

Aside from what felt like a long set up; our set went off well, and I for one was really excited for new songs we had played, as well as for my first use of the new effects loop I have started. Maybe thats why it felt like a long set up...

Yesterday we left san francisco in the middle of a downpour - but once we hit the road, I felt liberated, and overcome with joy, that my childhood dream was coming true, a few miles at a time. I slept in the van last night, (its part of our agreement that we will not leave our equipment alone), and it was actually quite Comfy. We are stopping at my grandmas house this afternoon for fried chicken, and more vblog! With dinner last night, and our first show on the road in the bag, I am left with a heavy feeling of solidarity with my brothers, excitement for the short term and long term future prospects, and a certain level of anxiety for the show to go on.

Thank you todd and johanis fir shackin us up
Long Live Butterhooch!


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