Sunday, January 27, 2008

RockBandSillyStringBurgerFeast Pt.1

butterhooch under the buttertree....

it is now 2 am on jan 25th, and i find myself in the middle seat of the battlevan, having just arrived back in San Francisco after the Sacramento run of our tour.

Last night we played a pretty solid set for a bar full of people who pretty much didn't give a shit, but it's all good. o! the joy, who we played with were really cool, and considering that they said that half their band had quit earlier that week, they pulled off their set for skillfully indeed. headlining band SWIMS had to back out at the 11th hour due to family emergencies, which was a shame.

despite the mediocre response to our set, we still managed to sell a cd, and we met up with some friends who live in the SAC area. Dr. Spankk's good buddy Todd introduced us to a small crew of rollerderby girls who were a genuine hoot. Then we whipped out the aux percussion and danced like roosters for the delight of all the remaining bar patrons. they liked our fucked up dancing more than our fucked up music. fuck. then we went out to another bar, where we met a couple groovy characters: Casper (whom you can see (kinda, it's really dark) in all his glory, interacting with Huberloinz in the 2nd Video Blog) and Shoelace, from the Goth Hop band Hurchu. The night wore on and we wrapped up the evening with a quick stop at the local 24 taco shop. Then we APED it hard at Todd's house.

We woke up the next morning, macked some leftovers from the night before, then spent a good chunk of time playing Rock Band. (ryan now swears to purchase rock band for the house after the tour). then we bid fairwell to Todd and then jetted over to Tombo's Grandma's house for some INCREDIBLE fried chicken and general tying up of loose ends. We then went to our second Sac show, when we arrived NO ONE WAS THERE! not even the people that worked there, they were chilling in the back, being assholes. we were really bummed out and afraid the show was gonna be a bust (the venue was really small too, we were afraid we'd blow everyone up) but right before we went on some people showed up, we played a pretty good set and sold 8 cds and made 40 bucks from the door. we played with a band called punk as a door nail, which consisted of a drummer and a dude who playing a guitar he made out of a skateboard with a tequila bottle for a slide. other highlights of the show were the meth head with shark teeth (who was so punk rock that he wore an anthrax jacket and showed up for the show 30 minutes early so he could snort meth out of a huge straw out front), the CRAZY horny drunk lady (who looked like an elementary school yard duty) running into the room and falling all over the nice sacramento kids, and grunting erotically during Riot on Rosewood's set (those guys were way chill too, high school age band, totally rocked it, played a killer Minor Threat Cover.

after the show we grabbed a quick burge across the street from the venue then cast off for good ol' san francisco to catch a wink of sleep before setting off for Santa Barbara.

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