Monday, January 28, 2008

RockBandSillyStringBurgerFeast Pt. 2

Sleeping in SF was nice. but the road squawked at us to get a move on, so we cast off for SoCal. The weather was the worst it had been thus far on the trip but the Battlevan was not stopped. We grabbed a nice, hardy In N Out Breakfast while on the road and also while on the road the silly string made it's first appearance. Grant was sleeping and ryan gave him a good hosing. much laughter. from then on it's been some kind of a crazy silly string/bubble battlehooch war. before getting to Santa Barbara, we stopped off in San Luis Obispo, to do some street performing. we made $86 in a little over 20 minutes. $20 of that was purely for playing a Zappa song (Magic Fingers) at the request of a find SLO police officer. what a hoot! then we hopped in the car and made the last little push to good ol' Isla Vista. we arrived and the weather was oppresive! the task of unloading the equipment from the van left us all soaked and cold. the rain was working against us cause not that many people were out and about that night, so we didn't have too terribly big of a crowd. however we still played a really solid show and the people that were there seemed to be stoaked. the silly string war carried out through out the set, which made it quite ridiculous. we sold a couple of CDs at least. the other bands we played with were really killer. apple pie hopes were a kind of freaky pirate gypsy band, also from the bay area, that totally rocked the house and local SB band OSO totally blew it up too, lots of time signatures, crazy gypsy melodies and incredible violin playing. for their first song, OSO's guitarist played the whole thing on a unicycle. not bad. quite baller actually. all the while, the rain was still pounding, but we didn't let it get us down and we proceeded to dance in the rain like crazy dogs! at around 1 or 2 in the morning we started having a crazy call and response vocal jam with some of the party goers that turned into a totally insane tribal percussion samba jam. steamy. sexy. cathartic. bangin. we then migrated to the main house (we were playing at a Co-Op called the BIKO HOUSE) and winded down the evening with the BIKO's fine residents. got a couple hours of sleep but then we had to get up reletively early, load up the van and head out to oxnard for an afternoon show. we get to oxnard and realize that we've booked a show in a nowhere town, on a rainy day, in mid afternoon, in some random little cafe. and we were the only band. so in other words, the show was a bit of a bust. we did have the good pleasure of having mr. and mrs. punk rock chris come out, as well as amelia and pat's little brother. we played kinda a loose half acoustic/half electric set. didn't get paid, but we did get free lunch. after we played we grabbed some jamba juice and took a quick relaxation break at Punk Rock Chris's house before pushing onward into the great beast that is LA.

first things first. we met up with MAX MARDER, our good buddy. went and grubbed hard on mediteranian food, the fellows grabbed some brew dogs and then we headed back to Max's pad for an epic sesh of 4 player RockBand. the night wore on, we decided to go out and check out a local bar called the liquid kitty, where we saw a real legit blues band, with will ferrell on sax. i shit you not. or maybe it was tom waits. or maybe tom waits and will ferrell's love child. i'll show ya a picture, you'll crap your pants with laughter. speaking of crapping your pants with laughter, in a moment of true inspiration, Grantaloinz once again rose to the occation and went to Taco Bell at 2 am, in the pouring rain. proceeded to spend $10 on various "mexican" cuisine items, and then immediately after recieving them from the fine workers at TacoBell, proceeded to drop kick all his taco's into millions of little pieces right in front of the people who just made him the food. then he slapped a bean burrito against the window for a piano store. larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf larf. then we cacked out at max's. we woke up and OH MY FUCKING GOD! it's sunny! well, no need to be typing on a computer anymore, onward to adventure!


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